Tape Wound Cores

Magnetics® Tape Wound cores are often key components of complicated electronic circuitry found in high reliability applications including military, aerospace, communications, down hole drilling, and nuclear reactors. Tape wound cores and Bobbin cores are made from thin strips of high permeability nickel-iron alloys such as Square Orthonol®Square Permalloy 80Round PermalloySupermalloy, and 48 Alloy, or grain oriented silicon iron known as Magnesil®.  Specific applications for tape wound cores include magnetic amplifiers (MagAmps), converter and inverter transformers, current transformers, and static magnetic devices.  Magnetics nanocrystalline cores are made from silicon iron alloy with a nanocrystalline microstructure, exhibiting very high permeability and lower power loss for applications such as Common Mode Chokes (CMCs). Magnetics amorphous cut cores are made from a noncrystalline silicon iron alloy, resulting in high resistivity and excellent frequency response and efficiency.

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