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Magnetics introduces LP powder cores for telecom rectifiers and Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, and Electric Vehicle on-board chargers.

LP cores are similar to EQ cores but with larger wireways for easier winding and assembly. Their planar design helps to maximize inductor efficiency. are a cross between E cores and pot cores. In comparison to E cores and other non-planar cores, LP powder cores offer better space utilization, shielding and improved thermal performance.

View LP Cores Technical Bulletin
Custom heights and matching I cores may be available upon request. Contact Magnetics with custom designs.

EQ cores are similar to LP cores and recommended for planar designs. View Magnetics' EQ Cores page.

Part Number Material Dimensions
AL value
A B C Le Ae 26µ 40µ 60µ
LPX2314EXXXL087 XFlux 23.4 8.7 14 49.1 67     103
LPX2518EXXXL099 XFlux 25 9.9 18 55.7 96   87 130
LPH4225EXXXL123 High Flux 42 12.3 25 76.1 206     204
LPK4225EXXXL123 Kool Mµ     204
LPX4225EXXXL123 XFlux     204
LPH4225EXXXL158 High Flux 15.8 90.1     172
LPK4225EXXXL158 Kool Mµ     172
LPX4225EXXXL158 XFlux     172

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