MagAmp Design

The MagAmp Design tool is intended to assist design engineers in the selection of a Permalloy tape wound core for use in magnetic amplifiers (MagAmp).  In this application, the core is used as a saturating device to regulate secondary (or tertiary, etc) outputs in switched-mode power supply (SMPS).  In this role MagAmps can provide small, inexpensive control architectures that do not require the design of a dedicated regulator to control outputs other than the primary one. 

Program features include:

  • Online Help topics that offer extensive design information and algorithms.
  • A comprehensive reference list of further information to help designers find answers to even more involved design issues.
  • Innovative core and copper loss models to simulate high frequency, short duty cycle effects.
  • Ability to allow the design program to select a core, or model a design with a user-selected part.
  • Control current and performance (for loss, size, etc.) characteristics modeled and reported.
  • Option to save your design for reference and comparison.

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