Ordering Magnetics Products

For existing customers, the easiest way to order from Magnetics® is  to request a MyMagnetics account.  MyMagnetics provides quick access to the information you need to place an order.  Magnetics' cross reference to your internal part numbers, pricing and availability are available at your fingertips.  There is also a "Quick Order" feature that allows you to duplicate past orders with just a few clicks.

If you are new to Magnetics, the first step needed to begin ordering Magnetics® soft magnetic cores is to become familiar with the ordering codes for each product line.  Information on the ordering codes can be found on the product overview pages for powder coresferrites, and tape wound cores.

The next step is to determine if you should place your order directly with Magnetics or with one of our authorized distributors located around the world.  By working directly with Magnetics or an authorized distributor, you can ensure that you will be using genuine Magnetics parts.  Small quantity orders, orders with special packaging requirements, or the need to work in your native language are good reasons to consider working with your local authorized distributor

The final step is to request a quote from Magnetics using our online form.  A Magnetics Customer Service Representative will contact shortly after we receive the Quote Request to get the process started.

In preparation for purchasing directly from Magnetics, you can review our Terms and Conditions of Sale online.