Magnetics soft magnetic cores are used in a variety of applications. The Selection Guide below provides an overview of core selection for common applications. For more specific information use our Advanced Search feature or contact Technical Support.

Application Kool Mµ®  MPP   High Flux XFlux® Kool Mµ® MAX Kool Mµ® Edge® Ferrite Tape Cores Bobbin Cores Nano-crystalline Amorphous Cut Cores
Ballasts  •        
Chokes  •    
Common Mode Noise Filters                    
Converters  •    
Current Transformers                  
Differential Filter Inductors      
EMI/RFI Filters        
Flyback Transformers            
Gate Drive Transformers                  
Ground Fault Interrupters                    
Hall Effect Devices                
High Frequency Power Transformers                    
High Temperature Magnetics      
Inductors – SMPS      
Inductors – High Q Filters                
In-Line Filters  •        
Inverters    •  
Load Coils        •            
Low Frequency Power Transformers                    
Low Height Power Inductors      •        
Magnetic Amplifiers                    
Medium Frequency Power Transformers                    
Noise Filters  •        
Planar Transformers                      
Power Factor Correction  •      
Power Inductors  •      
Power Transformers                  
Proximity Devices/Sensors                      
Pulse Transformers      •      
Saturating Transformers                    
Static Magnetic Devices                    
Step Gap Inductors                      
Switching Regulators  •    
Thyristor or SCR Protection                    
Transformers  •    
Tunable Inductors                      
Voltage Regulators  •        
 Wide Band Transformers