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Magnetics introduces EER powder cores for multiple applications including SMPS output chokes and power inductors for large current.

The EER geometry provides excellent space utilization which improves component efficiency, energy storage capacity, and power by volume. When compared with toroidal cores, EER cores allow for easier helical winding, thus reducing overall cost, and easier mounting. Like all Magnetics powder core products, EER cores require no discrete air gap, exhibit soft saturation, and have no thermal aging.

Custom heights are available upon request. Contact Magnetics with custom designs.

Part Number* Dimensions (mm) Path Length (mm) Cross Section (mm2) AL value
A B C D Le Ae 26µ 40µ 60µ
ERH2507EXXXL110 25.5 11.0 7.5 7.9 57.8 45.0 34 47 65
ERH4013EXXXL224 40.0 22.4 13.3 15.4 111.3 149.1 59 81 111
*Also available in Kool Mµ® (ERK) and XFlux® (ERX)

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