Design Tools

Magnetics® design tools assist engineers in optimizing their Magnetics components.  Targeted to specific applications, each software package offers a core selection routine and contains online Help to guide design engineers through the selection and optimization process.  Additional references are included to assist with more involved designs.

Select the titles below to run an individual program.  If problems arise, please contact a Magnetics Application Engineer for assistance.

Inductor Design

Filter.jpgFeaturing 11 Magnetics powder cores materials, this design utility aids in core selection for DC output inductors, input chokes, PFC (Power Factor Correction) inductors, high current inductors, and other energy storage devices. Design inputs include DC current, ripple current, full load and no load inductances, and more.  Designs are simulated and modeled while providing the designer with complete wound core dimensions, estimated core and copper losses, temperature rise, and more. In addition to toroid shapes, shapes are included in 5 materials.

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Curve Fit Equation Tool

The Magnetics Curve Fit Equation Tool is an Excel file for design engineers working on calculations from the formulas in 2024 Magnetics Powder Core Catalog. Magnetic component engineers can compare the core performance including permeability vs. DC Bias, core loss density, normal magnetization, permeability vs. AC Flux, permeability vs. frequency, and permeability vs. temperature. This fully functional tool provides six comparison tables in this file based on all Magnetics powder core materials.


Common Mode Filter Design

CMNlineart.jpgThis tool allows designers to select an appropriate ferrite or nanocrystalline toroid materials for common mode filtering applications. The program’s Help file aims designers to the optimal ferrite material, while still allowing the flexibility to accommodate user-chosen part numbers.


Current Transformer Design 

This design utility aids the designer in specifying the optimum core based on a variety of different current sensing schemes; including Hall Effect devices, current transformers for switched mode power supplies, and traditional current transformers. Materials offered are Kool Mµ, MPP, ferrites, and strip wound core materials including 3% Si steel and Ni-Fe alloys.  


Ferrite Core Loss Calculator 

Magnetics Ferrite Core Loss Calculator is an easy way to find core loss data on Magnetics' Ferrites at various frequencies and temperatures. See results for PFRT, and L materials by entering frequency, temperature, and peak flux density. It gives designers a way to calculate core loss that can be used in any Excel sheet.


MagAmp Design 

Magampline-art.jpgThe MagAmp Designer helps design engineers select the ideal core for magnetic amplifier applications such as secondary output regulation in switched mode power supplies. The program’s help file details material selection and explains the innovative core and copper loss calculations used to estimate performance and temperature rise.

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Block AL Calculator

Magnetics' Block AL Calculator is a design tool which calculates AL value, volume, and total area of different assemblies using Magnetics' powder core blocks. Designers can compare these designs side-by-side within the Excel spreadsheet.