Learn More about MPP Cores

Please visit the Technical Documents library for the 2024 Magnetics Powder Core Catalog.  Other reference materials including technical bulletins, application notes and white papers are also available for download.

What is MPP?

Magnetics Molypermalloy Powder (MPP) cores are distributed air gap cores made from a 79% Nickel, 17% Iron, and 4% Molybdenum alloy powder for the lowest core losses of any powder core material. 

What applications are MPP cores best suited for?

  • MPP cores offer the lowest core losses of any powder cores, making them ideally suited for flyback transformers, Buck/Boost and Power Factor Correction Inductors.  The distributed air gap of an MPP core minimizes stray magnetic fields and eliminates gap loss problems associated with gapped ferrite cores.
  • MPP cores are the ideal choice where high Q and high inductance stability under adverse magnetic and environmental conditions are needed such as In-line Noise Filters, High Q filters and Resonant Circuits.

What are the advantages of MPP cores?

  • Super low core loss
  • Very high Curie temperature
  • Small shift in permeability with temperature
  • Small shift in saturation with temperature
  • Reversibility of temperature effects
  • Resistance to thermal shock
  • Resistance to mechanical shock and strain
  • Temperature stabilization for special applications 

What are MPP THINZ™?

MPP THINZ™, or Molypermalloy Powder washer cores,  offer an extremely low height self shielded power inductor core allowing finished inductor heights in the 1.5 mm to 2 mm range. Excellent temperature stability, superior inductance under DC bias, and low core losses highlight the outstanding magnetic properties of THINZ.