Design with Magnetics

Designing with Magnetics soft magnetic cores can be challenging given the myriad of factors that are involved in selecting the optimum core for a given design. This page will provide information on the many design tools that Magnetics has available for proper soft magnetic core selection.

What soft magnetic core(s) can be used for my application?

Magnetics’ core selection guide shows which cores can be used for various applications from inductors and transformers to magnetometers and Hall Effect devices. 
You can also compare the materials on the product overview page which has a table comparing the benefits of each material type.

What tools are available for selecting the best Magnetics core?

Magnetics best resource for selecting the appropriate soft magnetic core is our staff of highly trained applications engineers. Application engineering can be contacted when needed, but plenty of other tools are available online.

Magnetics Design Software

Magnetics has online design software for four specific applications: inductors, common mode filters, current transformers, and magnetic amplifiers.

Magnetics Inductor Design Using Powder Cores is an aid to assist design engineers in selecting the optimum core for inductor applications, specifically switch-mode power supply (SMPS) output filters, also known as DC Inductors. This software uses a design algorithm intended to specify the smallest design package size for the given input parameters (currents, inductance values, frequency, etc.) 

Magnetics Common Mode Filter Inductor Design Software assists designers in making optimal, informed core and ferrite material choices. The software can accommodate user inputs of voltage, current, frequency, and/or desired impedance and will recommend the best part number for the application. 

Magnetics Current Transformer Design Software assists design engineers in choosing the most appropriate core material and size for a number of current transformer (CT) topologies. Traditional, often line frequency current transformers, Hall Effect current transformers and Switch-mode Power Supply (SMPS) current transformers are examined in depth. 

Magnetics MagAmp Designer is a software program intended to assist design engineers in the selection of a Permalloy tape wound core for use in magnetic amplifiers (MagAmp). In this application, the core is used as a saturating device to regulate secondary (or tertiary, etc) outputs in switch-mode power supply (SMPS). In this role MagAmps can provide small, inexpensive control architectures that do not require the design of a dedicated regulator to control outputs other than the primary one.

Technical Documents 

After sixty years of manufacturing soft magnetic cores, Magnetics has an extensive library of technical literature including technical bulletins, white papers, and catalogs. Topics include planar transformers, Hall Effect devices, flyback transformers, and others. Technical documents are available online, can be downloaded, or will be shipped to you upon request

Advanced Search Database 

The Advanced Search Database allows a user to find the Magnetics cores that are available based on a variety of selection factors such as dimensional limits, geometry type, path length, cross section, AL value, etc. The search will return the available Magnetics part numbers based on the criteria selected with links to datasheets.

Competitor Cross Reference Tool 

If a competitor part number is known and the Magnetics equivalent part number is needed, the Competitor Cross Reference Tool can be used to quickly find the our part number and the associated datasheet. With the Magnetics part number, you can request a quote or check distributor stock

Part Datasheets 

Once the correct Magnetics soft magnetic core is chosen, specific information on the given core can be found on the part datasheet. Datasheets contain dimensional, mechanical, and electrical specifications.

How can I be sure to get the correct Magnetics soft magnetic core?

To begin ordering Magnetics soft magnetic cores, it is important to become familiar with the ordering codes for each product line. Information on the ordering codes can be found on the individual product pages.

How do I get samples of Magnetics cores?

Samples can be ordered directly from Magnetics either online or with a quick phone call. Contact, project, and part information can be supplied on the online Sample Request form or you can contact the Magnetics office  closest to you to discuss the samples needed for your project.

What if I need additional help selecting the appropriate core?

For unique applications or demanding designs, Magnetics Application Engineering staff can provide expert assistance with selecting the appropriate core for any design. The Magnetics Application Engineering experts can be contacted via e-mail and by calling either the Headquarters or Hong Kong Sales offices.