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Time Topic Language
9:00 AM Powder Core Material Overview:  All Seven Powder Core Materials Explained English
10:00 AM Magnetics Free Design Tools English
10:30 AM Ferrite Material Overview: High Frequency, High Permeability and more English
11:00 AM Building Blocks of Success: Block Structures for High Current Applications English
11:30 AM Toroid Winding Eliminators:  EQ, LP, and EER Powder Cores English
12:30 PM Beat the Heat! How to Design at High Temperatures English
2:00 PM Hiden Gems of the Magnetics website English
2:30 PM Online Design: Magnetics New Inductor Design Tool English
3:00 PM Choose Wisely: Selecting the Best Material for SMPS Inductors English
4:30 PM Ordering Off- Menu, Non-Catalog Powder Core Materials English
5:00 PM Tape Cores Material Overview: Providing High Reliability for Decades English