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Can't find what you need in a catalog? Let us assemble it for you!

Assembled XFlux U-Core part number 00X081102062AU026 and I-Core part number 00X081020062AI026 are two assemblies currently being offered with standard block cores.

Designs with rounded block cores offer the advantages of having customizable structures, high current capability, and ease of winding when compared to conventional toroidal cores. Rounded legs are well-suited for helical windings, making them desirable for high-current applications.

Potential options for high current and high power design can include:
1. Kool Mµ for loss-limited design
2. XFlux for high DC Bias performance
3. Assemblies with Kool Mu and XFlux cores intermixed for balanced performance benefits

Contact Magnetics for information on additional parts. 

*00K030000055AC060 consists of three 00K030018C060 stacked together.