New XFlux Ultra Powder Cores


New from Magnetics, XFlux Ultra powder cores offer the same great DC Bias and high saturation found in standard silicon-iron XFlux while providing a 20% improvement in core loss.


Historically, applications requiring a high DC Bias powder core with minimal temperature rise would resort to High Flux. Positioned with losses between standard XFlux and High Flux, XFlux Ultra can also meet this need at a fraction of the cost of nickel-iron High Flux.


Applications for XFlux Ultra may include high efficiency uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), high power SMPS, and power factor correction (PFC) for on-board chargers (OBC). 


Available in 26 and 60 permeabilities with OD dimension 13.5 mm to 135 mm. Contact Magnetics for more information.

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