Learn More about High Flux Cores


Please visit the Technical Documents library for the 2020 Magnetics Powder Core Catalog.  Other reference materials including technical bulletins, application notes and white papers are also available for download.

What are High Flux cores?

Magnetics High Flux cores are distributed air gap cores made from a 50% Nickel and 50% Iron alloy powder for the highest available biasing capability of any powder core material.

What applications are High Flux cores best suited for?

  • High Flux Powder Cores are naturally suited for the energy storage filter inductors used in switch-mode power supplies.  The 15,000 gauss saturation level of High Flux cores provides a higher energy storage capability than can be obtained with gapped ferrites or powdered iron cores of the same size and effective permeability.
  • High Flux cores will often result in a marked size and cost reduction when used in inductors that must carry large amounts of direct current.
  • High Flux cores are ideal for in-line noise filters where the inductor must support large AC voltage without core saturation occurring.
  • Line filters using High Flux cores can be smaller in size, requiring fewer turns than powdered iron or ferrite cores.
  • High Flux powder cores have a very low residual flux density.  Combined with their saturation flux density of 15,000 gauss, this very large ΔB makes these cores excellent for use in power factor correction circuits as well as unidirectional drive applications such as flyback transformers and pulse transformers.

What are the advantages of High Flux cores?

  • High Saturation (1.5 T)
  • Lower core loss than Iron Powder or Laminated Silicon
  • Lower cost than MPP material
  • Best DC Bias
  • Very high Curie temperature
  • Stable performance with temperature
  • Potential for the smallest size design

What is soft saturation?

Soft saturation is a distributed gap material advantage over a ferrite. The DC Bias curve does not have the traditional saturation point that a ferrite core does, rather as the oersteds increase the permeability slowly rolls off in a predictable fashion.