AmoFlux Cores

AmoFlux® is a new powder alloy distributed gap material that is ideal for power factor correction (PFC) and output chokes. AmoFlux Cores have the same excellent properties, including soft saturation, as Magnetics other powder core materials: Kool Mu®, MPP, High Flux, XFlux®, and 75-Series. What makes this amorphous powder core material unique is the combination of low core loss and high DC bias. These attributes make AmoFlux an excellent choice for computer, server, and industrial power supplies that require PFC or output chokes.

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Key Characteristics

  • Composition: Fe • Si • B
  • Shapes: Toroid
  • Sizes: 27 mm to 47 mm
  • Permeability: 60µ
  • Coating Color: Blue 

Property Curves

View AmoFlux Material Property Curves including Normal Magnetization curves, Core Loss Density curves, Permeability versus Temperature curves, Permeability versus DC Bias curves, Permeability versus AC Flux, and Permeability versus Frequency curves. 

How To Order Magnetics Powder Cores: AmoFlux Cores

Part Number AL nH/T2 (nominal) 60µ Wa mm2 Le Path Length mm Ae Cross Section mm2 Ve Volume mm3 OD max mm ID min mm HT max mm
0088894A7 75 156  63.5 65.4 4,150 28.0 14.0 11.94
0088071A7 61 297  81.4 65.6 5,340 33.66 19.4 11.5
0088083A7 81 427 98.4 107 10,600 40.77 23.3 15.4
0088439A7 135 427 107 199 21,300 47.63 23.3 19.0

AmoFlux Applications and Markets