Schedule - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC)

Time Topic Language
9:00 Get Low with Planar Powder Cores English
10:00 Kool Mu Hf Powder Cores for High Efficiency at High Frequency English
11:00 Nanocrystalline Cores: Available in Small and Large Sizes English
12:00 Edge Powder Cores for Cutting Edge Designs English
13:00 Big ideas on Designing with Nanocrystalline Cores English
14:00 Powder Core Material Overview:  All Seven Powder Core Materials Explained English
15:00 Magnetics Free Design Tools English
15:30 Ferrite Material Overview: High Frequency, High Permeability and more English
16:00 Building Blocks of Success: Block Structures for High Current Applications English
16:30 Toroid Winding eliminators: EQ, LP and EER Powder Cores English