MTEC is Magnetics' first ever virtual technology conference!

This one-day virtual event will be held December 2, 2020 and registration is free of charge! With 16 technical presentations aptly timed based on your geographic location and live Q&A to follow, MTEC will answer all your questions regarding Magnetics products.

  • Chinese language presentations from our Asia Sales team starting at 10 AM (CST/UTC +8)
  • English language presentations from our Europe sales team beginning at 9 AM (GMT/UTC)
  • English language presentations from our NAFTA sales team beginning at 9 AM (EST/UTC-5)

Whether you have a specific design question to discuss or simply want to say hello, we look forward to "meeting" you!

register for mtec 2020

Schedule *Live discussion will follow each presentation.

View Asia Schedule in Chinese Standard Time (CST/UTC+8)

View Europe Schedule in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC)

View NAFTA Schedule in Eastern Standard Time (EST/UTC-5)


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