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Past Newsletters:

May 2017
See you at PCIM 2017!

April 2017
New Kool Mu MAX Powder Cores

March 2017
See you at APEC 2017!

January 2017
New Ferrite Catalog

September 2016
New Sizes, Special Heights, & a New Video!

June 2016
New 75-Series Toroids and More

March 2016
Large XFLUX Cores & Block Structures for High Current Applications

December 2015
Large Assembled Cores & Designs for High Current Applications

September 2015
Updated Strip Wound Products Catalog & Visit Magnetics at CPS EXPO 2015 in Shanghai

June 2015
Designs for High Current Applications

March 2015
Magnetics Distributor of the Year, Updated XFLUX® Cores Bulletin, & XFLUX Designs for High Current Applications

December 2014
New 60µ XFLUX® E Cores

September 2014
Updated Inductor Design Tool & New Larger Size Ferrite EC Core (7054EC); Magnetics' powder cores now have the highest minimum voltage breakdown (2000 volts) in the industry!

June 2014
Sr. Manager of Magnetics New Product Development presenting "High Performance Magnetic Materials - Amorphous Powder Cores" at the Magnetic Material Applications and Inductor Automated Production Seminar in China

March 2014
New Toroid Sizes & Advantages of Using Appropriate Magnetics Materials"