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December 2017

Updated Inductor Design Tool (12/7/2017)

Magnetics has redesigned the Inductor Design tool to include the following enhancements:

• Addition of new Kool Mu MAX toroids to part number results

• Over 150 new part numbers including new sizes and permeabilities

• Improved LI2 curves for more accurate core selection

• Use in Windows Excel 64bit

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September 2017

High Permeability Ferrite Core M Material (9/5/2017)

Magnetics introduces a new high permeability ferrite material suitable for signal, choke, and filter applications such as common mode chokes, EMI suppression filters, signal processing, and broadband transformers.

M material is a new high permeability (15,000μ) material designed for optimum impedance performance across frequency ranges. High permeability ferrite materials provide superior loss factor, frequency response, temperature performance, and product consistency.

Initial Perm (10 kHz) 15,000 ± 30%
Saturation Flux Density (4,700 G at 15 Oe, 25°C) 470 mT, 11.9 A•T/cm
Curie Temperature 130°C
Maximum Usable Frequency (50% roll-off) ≤0.12 MHz
Relative Loss Factor (tan δ/µiac) X10-6, 25°C ≤10 (10 kHz)
Remanence (800 G, 25°C) 80 mT
Resistivity 0.5 Ω-m
Density 5 g/cm3

Available toroid sizes and coatings (click X to view datasheets and Magnetics part numbers)

0502     X 3.94 2.24 1.27
0601     X 5.84 3.05 1.52
0603 X   X 5.84 3.05 3.18
0705 X   X 7.62 3.18 4.78
1003 X X X 9.53 4.75 3.18
1005 X X X 9.53 4.75 4.78
1206 X   X 12.7 5.16 6.35
1406   X   12.7 7.14 6.35
1306 X X   12.7 8.14 6.35
1605   X   15.9 9.07 4.7
2206   X   22.1 13.7 6.35
2212   X   22.1 13.7 12.7
2507   X   25.3 15.4 7.66

View Property Curves

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August 2017

Magnetics Large Kool Mu E Cores 8020 Size and New Bobbins (8/1/2017)

The bobbin cores for double height 8020 size Kool Mu E Cores are now available. Click the part numbers to download datasheets.

E80/38/20 00K8020E026 00B8020B1 Height 20 mm
E80/38/40 00K8020E026HT40 00B8020B2 Double Height, 40 mm

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May 2017

Visit Magnetics at PCIM 2017 (5/3/2017)

This year the PCIM trade show will be held 16-18 May in Nuremberg, Germany.

Please stop by Magnetics Booth #531 in Hall 9. In addition to our standard high quality powder cores, ferrites, and tape cores, visitors can learn about our new Kool Mu MAX toroids with lower core loss and 50% more DC Bias than regular Kool Mu at a fraction of the cost of High Flux.

Come see Magnetics' Sales Engineer Donna Kepcia present on Smaller-Faster-Lower Cost: Magnetic Materials Meet Rigorous Demands in Today's High Power, Fast-Paced Design Landscape on Thursday, 18 May from 13:20-13:40.

Download Presentation Here

April 2017

XFlux Toroids New Additions (4/26/2017)

Magnetics now offers 75 and 90 perms of XFlux® Toroids in addition to existing 26, 40 and 60 perms, size range from OD 13 mm to 102 mm. Check out our XFlux page for the complete list of permeabilities, sizes and Magnetics part numbers and to download datasheets.

XFlux Toroid 75 Perm 90 Perm
DC Bias (A·T/cm)
80% 50 38
50% 90 76
Core Loss (mW/cm3)
100 mT, 50 kHz 700 700


March 2017

Kool Mu MAX Powder Cores (3/27/2017)

New from Magnetics!
Kool Mµ® MAX is the next generation of sendust cores from Magnetics. We supercharged our low core loss Kool Mµ material with 50% better DC bias performance for better power handling. Use of copper wire is minimized by maintaining inductance using less turns, resulting in savings in overall component cost. With its super low losses, Kool Mμ MAX does not mimic the temperature rise problems found in iron powder cores. Improve inductor efficiency at a fraction of the cost of High Flux with Kool Mµ MAX.

View Technical Bulletin for Core Loss Density and DCB Curves

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New Powder Core Toroid Size 778 (3/20/2017)

Magnetics® now offers the outside diameter (OD) 77.8 mm Powder Core toroids with a different inside diameter (ID) and height, an addition to the current 866 and 906 size toroids. The new 778 size is available with Kool Mµ®, MPP, High Flux, and XFlux® materials in various perms.

Toroid Size (Uncoated) OD (mm) ID (mm) HT (mm) Ve (mm3)
778 77.8 39.3 25.9 81,500
866 77.8 49.2 12.7 34,500
906 77.8 49.2 15.9 43,400


Links for detailed Magnetics part numbers and datasheets download :

Kool Mu  MPP  High Flux  XFlux

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Nylon Coating Discontinue (3/14/2017)

Beginning Q4 2017, Magnetics will be discontinuing the nylon coating process (V) for ferrite cores due to environmental compliance regulations beyond our control. Our recommended replacement for nylon coating is epoxy (Z) coating. If you require nylon coating, please contact Magnetics Customer Service no later than August 1, 2017 to place a last time buy purchase order for your required quantities. After August 1, we will only accept purchase orders for cores that consume unsold inventory.

Nylon Coating EOL Letter

February 2017

New Large Blocks 70 mm X 20 mm (2/21/2017)

Magnetics has added another large blocks size in 70 mm X 20 mm, available in 26, 40, 60 perms with both Kool Mµ® and XFlux® Powder Core materials.

Ideal for high current inductors, large blocks enable creation of custom designs.  Typical examples of high current inductors are Uninterruptible Power Supply (including transformerless UPS), large PFC chokes, traction output filters and inverters for renewable energy (solar/wind/fuel cell conversion).  A critical parameter of a switching regulator core material is its ability to provide inductance, or permeability, under DC Bias.

Material Part Number Perm Volume (mm3) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Kool Mu 00K7020BXXX 26,40,60 28,600 70.5 20.3 20
XFlux 00X7020BXXX

Click Part Number for datasheet download

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December 2016

19 Perm XFLUX 134 mm OD Toroid 0078342A7 (12/9/2016)

In addition to Large XFLUX® Toroids available in 26, 40, and 60 perm, Magnetics is now introducing 19 perm 134 mm O.D. toroids. The excellent DC Bias performance and high saturation point of XFLUX Powder Core is advantageous in applications where inductance under load is critical, such as inverters for renewable energy and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

Download the 19 perm XFLUX 0078342A7 Datasheet
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November 2016

New Magnetics Website (11/4/2016)

Magnetics® has just launched the new website! Here are the highlights of the new website:

  • Mobile responsive, easier to view on smart phones and tablets
  • New images and updated product information
  • Results from datasheet and part number search include Full Box Quantity information
  • Enhanced integration between and MyMagnetics sites

Updates will be continuously added to ensure that customers receive the most up-to-date information.

Contact Magnetics at any time with questions and concerns.

September 2016

Cylinder and Round Block Cores (9/16/2016)

Designs with rounded block cores offer the advantages of having customizable structures, high current capability, and ease of winding when compared to conventional toroidal cores. Using Magnetics® Kool Mu® material, rounded block cores and cylinders provide the benefit of consuming less powder and result in lighter weight and lower costs, a great economic option for your unique design. Rounded legs are well-suited for helical windings, making them desirable for high-current applications.

Part No. Dimensions
A B C Radius
mm in mm in mm in mm in
00K8430R060 84.0 3.31 30.0 1.18 23.0 0.91 15.0 0.59
00K030018C060 30.0 1.18     18.0 0.72 15.0 0.59
00K030000055AC060 30.0 1.18     55.0 2.17 15.0 0.59

*00K030000055AC060 consists of three 00K030018C060 stacked together.       


Potential options for high current and high power design can include:
1. Kool Mu for loss-limited design
2. XFlux® for high DC Bias performance
3. Assemblies with Kool Mu and XFlux cores intermixed for balanced performance benefits

Contact Magnetics for Quotes and Samples.

Magnetics Cores for Automotive Applications (9/13/2016)

Magnetics' cores can be used in multiple applications including hybrid (gas & electric) and electric vehicles and charging stations. For more information about how Magnetics' cores can be used in the automotive industry, including differential mode filters for bus bar applications, PFC, and output chokes, download our engineer, Donna Kepcia's, 2016 PCIM presentation including notes here.

Due to the large size of the PDF file, downloading time may take longer than usual.

22mm HT MPP Toroids (9/8/2016)

Magnetics offer large, reduced height (0.8”, 22mm) MPP toroids which are competitively priced and ready to ship!

337 Size information:

OD max

ID min

HT max


Ae (mm2)









To download a datasheet, click on the part number(s) below:

Part Number/ Datasheet

Micrometals Arnold Part #

Permeability (µ)

AL nH/T2 (nominal)














MPP cores possess many outstanding magnetic characteristics, such as high resistivity, low hysteresis and eddy current losses, excellent inductance stability after high DC magnetization or under high DC bias conditions and minimal inductance shift up to 2000 gauss under AC conditions.

New Larger Size Ferrite E Core 70x54mm (9/7/2016)

Magnetics is now offering a larger size, 70x54mm, Ferrite E Core, part number 0_47054EC. 


This larger core provides:

  • Longer legs
  • Longer path length
  • Larger winding area
  • Larger cross section
  • Higher current handling capabilities

To view part detail information and datasheets: 0P47054EC

Download Magnetics 2013 Ferrite Cores Catalog.

For delivery information contact Magnetics.

July 2016

Magnetics 95 mm Blocks (7/21/2016)

Magnetics’ 95 mm blocks are equivalent to two of our standard 47 mm blocks (00K4741BXXX). Ideal for high current inductors, large Kool Mu blocks enable creation of custom designs. Typical examples of uses for high current inductors are Uninterruptible Power Supply (including transformerless UPS), large PFC chokes, traction output filters and inverters for renewable energy (solar/wind/fuel cell conversion). A critical parameter of a switching regulator core material is its ability to provide inductance, or permeability, under DC Bias.

The biggest advantage of using large Powder Core blocks is in ease and time of production, with less room for error. With Powder Core blocks, a designer can build an inductor customized to fit the specific design constraints. As a benefit, assembly times are decreased because fewer blocks need to be glued together.

Available in 26, 40 and 60 perms.

Download datasheets:


Other materials such as XFLUX are also available. Contact Magnetics for samples and quotes.

June 2016

Large XFLUX Toroids (6/30/2016)

Now Available Large XFLUX® Toroids: Magnetics now offers 102 mm OD and 134 mm OD XFLUX toroids in 26µ, 40µ and 60µ.  

 26 Perm 40 Perm 60 Perm Dimensions (mm)   Magnetic Data
 Part Number


Part Number


Part Number


Wamm2 Lemm Aemm2 Ve 
 0078102A7 48 0078100A7  74 0078099A7  111  103  55.75 17.9 2470 243 358 86,900
 0078337A7 68 0078338A7  105     334  77.19 26.8 4710  324 678 220,000

XFLUX distributed air gap cores are made from 6.5% silicon iron powder. This is a true high temperature material with no thermal aging. XFLUX offers lower losses than powdered iron cores and superior DC bias performance. The soft saturation of XFLUX material offers an advantage over ferrite cores. 

View other available parts.

Magnetics is Now ISO TS 16949 Certified (6/28/2016)

Magnetics is now ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified for the manufacture of soft magnetic cores for automTS-Logo.jpgotive applications! 

ISO/TS 16949:2009 outlines a quality management system that emphasizes continual improvement and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain for components of automotive-related products.

Download the ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification 


75-Series Powder Core Toroids (6/6/2016)

75-Series Powder Cores – New from Magnetics these cores achieve better DC Bias performance than Kool Mµ® while maintaining lower core losses than XFLUX®.  The relatively high saturation flux density of 75-Series cores makes them a low-cost solution in applications where stable inductance under load is necessary, such as inverters for renewable energy sources and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS).  75-Series cores can offer a lower cost alternative to High Flux cores and offer a substantial improvement in cores loss and DC Bias performance when compared to Iron Powder.

To read more about 75-Series cores, view the 75-Series bulletin which includes available sizes and permeabilities, typical 60µ DC Bias Performance, Core Loss Density for 26µ, 40µ and 60µ parts, and Permeability vs. DC Bias.

February 2016

Custom Assemblies for Unique Applications (2/12/2016)

Magnetics now has assembled cores for your unique applications.

Assembled XFLUX U-Core part number 00X081102062AU026 and I-Core part number00X081020062AI026 are just two of the parts currently being offered.

Contact Magnetics for information on additional parts.

December 2015

New 2016 Tape Wound Cores Catalog (12/29/2015)

Magnetics Tape Wound Cores 2016 Catalog hot off the presses!  Now available, the 2016 catalog with updated Materials, Sizes, Testing Parameters, Typical Hysteresis Loops, Core Loss vs. Induction Level, and Design examples for Tape Cores and Bobbin Cores.

The catalog is available in printed and pdf versions and as an e-catalog.  Check it out today!

November 2015

Need a Powder Core Toroid Cut in Half or Slotted? (11/9/2015)

Need a Powder Core toroid cut in half, need one slotted?  Magnetics can do it for you for sizes 33 mm OD (548 size) through 133 mm OD (337 size)!

Equipment-to-Cut-and-Slot.pngCutting/Slotting equipment now installed and ready to handle your requests for MPP, High Flux, Kool Mµ®, and XFLUX® Powder Cores in sizes 33 mm OD (548 size) through 133 mm OD (337 size).      

Cores cut in half

Cores cut with .8 mm and 1.0 mm blades.

Slotted cores

slots from .6 mm to 2 mm with an anticipated tolerance of +/- 0.25 mm in sizes 548 through 337.


Cutting and slotting done on a best effort basis.
Chips and flaking may occur at cut
Oxidation may occur at cut


Leadtime:  Standard leadtime for cores + 3 weeks to cut/slot cores.
Send us your specifications today to!  We’ll be happy to review them.

October 2015

NEW RoHS and REACH SGS Reports (10/8/2015)

Magnetics new RoHS and REACH SGS reports and compliance statements are now available on both our English and Chinese websites.  

July 2015

XFLUX E Core and Toroid News (7/31/2015)

Magnetics' XFLUX E-Core Datasheets Updated to Include 'Typical DC Bias Performance!


Search for Datasheet

Magnetics' XFLUX Toroids - Two New Sizes Now Available in 26µ!

Part Number


Path Length

Cross Section





















102 mm and 133 mm OD MPP and High Flux Powder Core Toroids Now Available (7/6/2015)

Magnetics now offers 102 mm and 133 mm OD Powder Core MPP and High Flux toroids in several permeabilities.

102 mm OD










High Flux





133 mm OD










High Flux





Contact Magnetics for price and delivery information 

May 2015

April 2015

XFLUX® Blocks (4/27/2015)

Magnetics now has XFLUX Blocks available in 50x30 mm (00X5030Bxxx), 60x30 mm (00X6030Bxxx), 70x30 mm (00X7030Bxxx) and 80x30 mm (00X8030Bxxx) and in 26, 40 and 60 permeabilities.

XFLUX cores offer an economical high saturation (1.6 Tesla) solution for use in low and medium frequency inductors and chokes.  The high saturation is advantageous in applications where inductance uner load is critical such as inverters for renewable energy and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS).

XFLUX distributed air gap cores are made from 6.5% silicon iron powder.  It is a  true high temperature material, with no thermal aging.  A comparison chart with other materials is below:


Many applications require a custom assembly or even a custom core. The material properties of XFLUX®, and the flexibility of these geometries make the core ideal for custom assembly.

Assembly Considerations


Discrete air gaps between XFLUX blocks are not generally needed because the air gap is inherent in the material. At the same time, extremely smooth mating surfaces (such as are employed with ferrites) are not required because the small incidental gap between blocks does not add appreciable extra gap and does not reduce inductance significantly.

The adhesives used for assembling blocks generally need to be thicker than those commonly used for ferrite assemblies, since the
XFLUX surface is rougher and more porous. Cores may require a double application of adhesive to allow for the porosity in the surface of the XFLUX blocks.

To view part detail information and datasheets:  00X5030BXXX,00X6030BXXX00X7030BXXX00X8030BXXX

View Magnetics XFLUX cores bulletin.

Large Kool Mµ E Cores (4/17/2015)

Magnetics now offers 80x24 (00K8024EXXX) and 80x44 mm (00K8044EXXX) Kool Mµ E cores in 14µ, 26µ, 40µ and 60µ.  Also available in 14µ, 26µ, 40µ and 60µ is the 114xXX mm E450 Kool Mµ E Core (00K114LEXXX). The E450 has 3.7 times greater overall volume than the E80.

Ideal for high current inductors, large Kool Mμ geometries offer all the advantages of Kool Mμ material, low core loss, excellent performance over temperature, near zero magnetostriction and soft saturation. Typical examples of high current inductors are Uninterruptible Power Supply (including transformerless UPS), large PFC chokes, traction and inverters for renewable energy (solar/wind/fuel cell conversion).  The most critical parameter of a switching regulator inductor material is its ability to provide inductance, or permeability, under DC bias. The distributed air gap of Kool Mμ results in a soft inductance versus DC Bias curve. In most applications, this swinging inductance is desirable since it improves efficiency, decreases the volume needed and accommodates a wide operating range. With a fixed current requirement, the soft inductance versus DC bias curve provides added protection against overload conditions.

View part detail information and datasheets:  00K8024EXXX00K8044EXXX00K114LEXXX

View Magnetics Large Kool Mµ Shapes Bulletin

Contact Magnetics for delivery information.

March 2015

New XFLUX® Cores Bulletin (3/11/2015)

Magnetics updated XFLUX Cores Bulletin is now available in printed and pdf versions.  Magnetics’ XFLUX distributed air gap cores are made from 6.5% silicon iron powder and offer lower losses than powdered iron cores and superior DC bias performance.  The soft saturation of XFLUX material offers an advantage over ferrite cores.  XFLUX cores are ideal for low and medium frequency chokes when inductance at peak load is critical.

Now available: Toroids in 26µ and 60µ, E Cores in 26µ, 40µ and 60µ, Blocks in 26µ, 40µ and 60µ.  

Material and shape curves and dimensions have been updated to reflect current test results.

February 2015

XFLUX® E Cores Now Available (2/19/2015)

MAGNETICS' XFLUX E Core line has been expanded to include 26µ40µ and 60µ parts in sizes:

00X4020E0xx 40x20 mm

00X4022E0xx 40x22 mm

00X4317E0xx 43x17 mm

00X5528E0xx 55x28 mm

00X5530E0xx 55x30 mm

00X6527E0xx 65x27 mm

00X7228E0xx 72x28 mm

00X8020E0xx 80x20 mm

00X8044E0xx 80x44 mm

Contact Magnetics Sales for delivery information. 

January 2015

New Powder Core Catalog (1/26/2015)

Magnetics 2015 Powder Core Catalog has been published.  This issue has a more user friendly flow, Kool Mµ E Cores, U Cores and Blocks are included in the Core Locator & Unit Pack Quantity section.  Curves and formulas have been updated, 26µ XFLUX toroid curves have been added. New sizes have been added to the catalog.

The catalog is available in printed and pdf versions and as an e-catalog.

August 2014

Hong Kong Distribution Center Relocation (8/14/2014)

Magnetics' Hong Kong Distribution Center relocated to a new facility in early August. The new facility is located at Unit A on 5th Floor of Olympic Godown, No. 8 Sze Shan Street, Yau Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Magnetics is now shipping from this new location.

Magnetics appreciates your cooperation and patience in this transition.

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