75-Series Powder Core Toroids


75-Series Powder Cores – New from Magnetics these cores achieve better DC Bias performance than Kool Mµ® while maintaining lower core losses than XFLUX®.  The relatively high saturation flux density of 75-Series cores makes them a low-cost solution in applications where stable inductance under load is necessary, such as inverters for renewable energy sources and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS).  75-Series cores can offer a lower cost alternative to High Flux cores and offer a substantial improvement in cores loss and DC Bias performance when compared to Iron Powder.

To read more about 75-Series cores, view the 75-Series bulletin which includes available sizes and permeabilities, typical 60µ DC Bias Performance, Core Loss Density for 26µ, 40µ and 60µ parts, and Permeability vs. DC Bias.

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