Magnetics 95 mm Blocks


Magnetics’ 95 mm blocks are equivalent to two of our standard 47 mm blocks (00K4741BXXX). Ideal for high current inductors, large Kool Mu blocks enable creation of custom designs. Typical examples of uses for high current inductors are Uninterruptible Power Supply (including transformerless UPS), large PFC chokes, traction output filters and inverters for renewable energy (solar/wind/fuel cell conversion). A critical parameter of a switching regulator core material is its ability to provide inductance, or permeability, under DC Bias.

The biggest advantage of using large Powder Core blocks is in ease and time of production, with less room for error. With Powder Core blocks, a designer can build an inductor customized to fit the specific design constraints. As a benefit, assembly times are decreased because fewer blocks need to be glued together.

Available in 26, 40 and 60 perms.

Download datasheets:


Other materials such as XFLUX are also available. Contact Magnetics for samples and quotes.



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