New Large Blocks 70 mm X 20 mm


Magnetics has added another large blocks size in 70 mm X 20 mm, available in 26, 40, 60 perms with both Kool Mµ® and XFlux® Powder Core materials.

Ideal for high current inductors, large blocks enable creation of custom designs.  Typical examples of high current inductors are Uninterruptible Power Supply (including transformerless UPS), large PFC chokes, traction output filters and inverters for renewable energy (solar/wind/fuel cell conversion).  A critical parameter of a switching regulator core material is its ability to provide inductance, or permeability, under DC Bias.

Material Part Number Perm Volume (mm3) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Kool Mu 00K7020BXXX 26,40,60 28,600 70.5 20.3 20
XFlux 00X7020BXXX

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