XFLUX® Blocks


Magnetics now has XFLUX Blocks available in 50x30 mm (00X5030Bxxx), 60x30 mm (00X6030Bxxx), 70x30 mm (00X7030Bxxx) and 80x30 mm (00X8030Bxxx) and in 26, 40 and 60 permeabilities.

XFLUX cores offer an economical high saturation (1.6 Tesla) solution for use in low and medium frequency inductors and chokes.  The high saturation is advantageous in applications where inductance uner load is critical such as inverters for renewable energy and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS).

XFLUX distributed air gap cores are made from 6.5% silicon iron powder.  It is a  true high temperature material, with no thermal aging.  A comparison chart with other materials is below:


Many applications require a custom assembly or even a custom core. The material properties of XFLUX®, and the flexibility of these geometries make the core ideal for custom assembly.

Assembly Considerations


Discrete air gaps between XFLUX blocks are not generally needed because the air gap is inherent in the material. At the same time, extremely smooth mating surfaces (such as are employed with ferrites) are not required because the small incidental gap between blocks does not add appreciable extra gap and does not reduce inductance significantly.

The adhesives used for assembling blocks generally need to be thicker than those commonly used for ferrite assemblies, since the
XFLUX surface is rougher and more porous. Cores may require a double application of adhesive to allow for the porosity in the surface of the XFLUX blocks.

To view part detail information and datasheets:  00X5030BXXX,00X6030BXXX00X7030BXXX00X8030BXXX

View Magnetics XFLUX cores bulletin.

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