Large Kool Mµ E Cores


Magnetics now offers 80x24 (00K8024EXXX) and 80x44 mm (00K8044EXXX) Kool Mµ E cores in 14µ, 26µ, 40µ and 60µ.  Also available in 14µ, 26µ, 40µ and 60µ is the 114xXX mm E450 Kool Mµ E Core (00K114LEXXX). The E450 has 3.7 times greater overall volume than the E80.

Ideal for high current inductors, large Kool Mμ geometries offer all the advantages of Kool Mμ material, low core loss, excellent performance over temperature, near zero magnetostriction and soft saturation. Typical examples of high current inductors are Uninterruptible Power Supply (including transformerless UPS), large PFC chokes, traction and inverters for renewable energy (solar/wind/fuel cell conversion).  The most critical parameter of a switching regulator inductor material is its ability to provide inductance, or permeability, under DC bias. The distributed air gap of Kool Mμ results in a soft inductance versus DC Bias curve. In most applications, this swinging inductance is desirable since it improves efficiency, decreases the volume needed and accommodates a wide operating range. With a fixed current requirement, the soft inductance versus DC bias curve provides added protection against overload conditions.

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