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Parylene C


    Magnetics offers several coatings each having different properties.  For the smallest increase in size over the bare core dimensions and good dielectric strength, Parylene C® is the choice coating.  Parylene C is a vacuum deposited coating providing good resistance to moisture and organic solvents. Electrical characteristics are superior to other conformal coatings. Because this is an expensive coating, the size range is economically limited to an outside diameter of 14 mm or less. Magnetics has always used Parylene C coating for its performance and cost advantages.  The guaranteed voltage breakdown minimum is 750 Volts wire to wire. Some customers have shown interest in the move to Parylene N® because of a desire to meet halogen-free requirements.  Parylene N is a higher price alternative that is more difficult to apply to cores and is less effective for the primary purpose, which is dielectric strength.  Parylene N would require new processes and specifications to be implemented, for minimal (or negative) benefit.

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